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   Tinowa Group
is a multi-business company

 Innovations – Engineering – Projects –
Trade Operations – Financial Management

The main businesses are the following: development of high tech projects; projects of industrial ecology; projects in the field of medicine and pharmacology.      

The company is engaged in the design and management of construction of objects of different application.

In 2012 the company revealed a new applied direction – quantum water biophysics from the fundamental science of quantum physics.

Since 2016 the company has been developing the commercial direction of the new science to implement the projects of enterprises to produce and bottle filling the bioactive water from the artesian underground sources in different countries.

The company is engaged in the development of the projects and designing to establish the rehabilitation centers and clinical spa resorts using the new innovative methods and technologies for different diseases treatment.

The company organizes grants for the implementation of scientific research for scientists who develop innovative projects.

The company is engaged in publishing to support the scientific directions. In 2014 the company published the monography regarding the quantum water biophysics and climate “Water is a space phenomenon”. In 2016 the company published the brochure of design of the manufacturer of bioactive water.

The company is a developer of the unique bioactive cosmetic suspension “Tinowa”. This suspension “Tinowa” is used for rehabilitation procedures in the Czech Republic and also in other countries.

Tinowa Group is a founder of the “Peter I the Great International Fund” registered in the Czech Republic in 2011. In 2011 the company financed the reconstruction of the monument to Peter the Great in Karlovy Vary and organized the ceremony dedicated to the 300-year jubilee of the visit of Karlovy Vary by Peter the Great. The Peter the Great International Fund in the Czech Republic supports the cultural relations between the entities in the Czech Republic and the countries of the Eurasian Union, provides the legal support to the immigrants from Russia, supports the scientific developments.

The trading company A Tinowa s.r.o. is engaged in
sale of products and technologies produced by Tinowa Group.

The company Tinowa Group in Russia has
a subsidiary LLC Tinova RU  and a lawyer’s office.

The company Tinowa Group is a member
of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Czech Republic. (AMSP ČR)