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II. Installation «AIR spring»
(System of extraction of fresh water from atmospheric air)

Autonomous non-volatile installation “Air spring” for obtaining fresh water from atmospheric air due to effective extraction of moisture from atmospheric air (Fig.6.).
Fig.6. (1-air ejector, 2-vortex cooler, 3-heat exchanger, 4-outgoing air outlet, 5-mound, 6-reservoir, 7-heat pipe, 8-vortex wind turbine, 9-solar panel, 10-to consumer).

For convenience in collecting the obtained fresh water and improving the operational characteristics of the installation, a water basin with a dew condenser is placed under a bulkhead above the ground line at a height equal to the depth of soil warming, depending on the climatic conditions of a particular location.
As water accumulates in the header, water is taken to the consumer through the canal.
At present, manufactured several small-scale experimental samples of the “Air Spring.
One of them is already installed in the Crimea, in Yalta’s Botanical Garden (Fig. 7).
Its parameters: – height 1.2 m, diameter 1.2 m, material – plastic. Within a day, it produces slightly more (0.5 -0.7) m³ of clean cold water.

Fig.7. The current prototype of the “Air Spring” (Crimea, Yalta, Botanic Garden)

          The proposed device is absolutely harmless and can do no harm to the environment. 

         The process can go on indefinitely, the work of the devices is limited only by the period of their service, and as economic estimates show, water condensed from the atmosphere is much cheaper and cleaner than water obtained by any other means.

        The use of a large number of springs will slow or stop the process of desertification, and also include fresh water in the atmosphere of the natural whirlpool

        The technology is protected by 6 patents for an invention.

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