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Millions of people to can live without cars, electricity, diamonds, oil,
gold etc., and even love, but no one and never without water.
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Bioactive Water Exchange

Drinking water exchange According to the UNO the problem of the quality drinking bottled water is growing intensively and by 2025 its market will have the limited purchasing capacities. Water is connected to the whole world and it is a prerequisite of the existence of a human and sustainability of the planet.

In our opinion the problems of the mankind, in general, and our personified psychic and physical diseases are connected in its main principle to the change of the water quality. Formally, we can refer to the pallid statistics confirming (according to the data of the World Health Organization) that the most part of the population of the planet suffers from metabolic disorders to a greater or lesser degree that lead to the non-infectious diseases. In this statistics a share of low-quality drinking water is more than 70%.