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Biologically active water

 Dear readers, the following informational material is dedicated to the problem of biological activity of water and related questions of human life efficiency, which consider moral and physical health, sense of harmony in existence of a human in unity with the Nature.

We are deeply convinced that problems of humanity and our personificated psychological and physical diseases are connected in their fundamental principles with changes of water condition.  Formally it is possible to appeal to general statistics (according to data of World health organization) which claims that the majority of planet population to one extent or another suffers from metabolic disorders resulting non-infectional diseases. 70 % in the statistics are caused by unsatisfactory drinking water.

We would like to admit that increasing of non-infectional deseases takes place in industrially developed countries, which pay great attention to water production during the process of which water is cleaned from chemical contaminants and microorganisms. During this process water is “killed” by ultraviolet, worked out with ozone, and operated with other methods of physical influence on water. In other words water’s life-giving base is led to pure solvent condition.

Such kind of attitude to water was set up in XXI century basing on scientific approach to water as to structureless environment with no biological functions except the function of water to be a solvent of chemical elements. This issue composes the tragic situation not only with people’s health, but with planet’s biosphere condition. Planet’s biosphere is exposed to degradation due to spreading of technologies which negatively influence on its electro-physical condition. To be objective, we entered the stage of extinction of humanity and biosphere. In order to change the situation we need another paradigm of attitude towards the main source of life – towards water.

The new scientifical approach to physics of water gives answers to the crucial questions. This approach studies quantal cooperative processes in liquid water and is called quantal physics of water, and the particular section in respect to living organisms – quantal biophysics of water. Quantal physics of water studies critical phenomena during phase transition in organizing phase of water, and quantal phenomena connected with macroscopical charge ordering in open system. New physics of water allows to receive answers to crucial problems of modern natural science. Starting with the lowest levels of cooperative behavior of water, connected with creation of metastable phase of water, to quantal phenomena of non-local transportation of electrons and managing of cellulated biological processes, ending with global demonstration of self-organisation of water in planet’s geosphere in the form of electro-physical regulator of weather and climate.

According to scientifical regulations of quantal biophysics of water, we would like to notice that liquid-phase condition of a material and particularly of water is heterogenic condition of a material, characterised by domain organization and organizational phase, which are metastable polymorphic entities. Such phase in water is a phase of associated water, provided by polymorphic ices VI, VII, VIII (Walrafen pentamers) which are stabilized by nanoscale hollowness and electrostatic charges.

Electrostatic charges are situated at quantal delocalized state and that is why they are capable of macroscopical quantal cooperation. The organism is also represented as macroscopical quantal system, where the every organ and the every cell are in cooperation not only with each other but also with similar by qualities structures in environment. Just exact due to non-local connections our health or, vice verse, “ill-health” sufficiently depend on not only what we eat and drink but on electro-physical condition of environment. This connection occurs by means of exchange interaction of quantal oscillators, which results transportation of (electrons’) charge and information in the form of self-similar wavepackage of electrons. All cellulated structures have to be in electro-physical non-equilibrium state in order to implement these processes in living organisms, i.e. it is necessary to maintain excess negative charge (do not confuse this charge with Coulombic charge).

To sum up, the basic scientifical notion of “Biologically active water” means:

  1. Biologically active water is electrically non-equilibrium water with nonstable anion-radical forms of active oxygen in capacity of electrons’ excipient, the desintegration of which assures the flow of excess electrons to the cellular receptors of living organism and the maintainance in cells and organ structures of electrical non-equilibrium which is necessary for sustainable functioning of their macroscopial quantal oscillators, which manage cellulated processes.
  2. Bioactive water is structurely and spin-regulated organization of Walraven domains at the phase of associated water, which provides the activity of cellulated metabolic processes.

Thus the scientific notion “Biologically active water” reflects several physical phenomena which directly participate in inside and outside cellular and metabolic processes of environment.

            These fundamental notions are used as methodological basis of technologies of biological activation of water, activation of life energy of living creatures and a human, formation of electro-physically advantageous environment for a human being, animals and plants, preventive measures and treatment of metabolically based diseases. Natural processes of formation of electro-physically active conditions of water are taken as the basis. The conditions of water do not lead to creation of metabolic disorders and do not exceed demanded by an organism necessity of electrical charges.

            The variety of developed by the group of scientists and specialists technological and instrumental decisions allow to resolve a wide range of unic questions:

  • Increasing of productivity of agricultural manufacture up to 20-50% (crop farming, cattle-, poultry-, fishbreeding) with sufficient improving of its qualitative index, reducing technogenic load for a soil and water ecosystems, and raising production profitability;
  • Supplying to private and collective consumers of qualitativelly another biologicaly active water aiming to prevent non-infectional diseases of a human, including psychoemotional sphere of a human;
  • Changing of electrophysical condition of living environment with plan of increasing of protective functions of human and animal organisms towards action of environmental stress factors and abnormal geophysical conditions;
  • Correction and treatment of various metabolicaly based diseases of a human and animals by means of bioactive drinking water with the structure, restored after spin-modification of organisational phase of associated water due to its processing in hypomagnetic conditions;
  • Implemeting into practice of instrumental and methodological provision of new water technologies basing on measuring of natural background condition of Bose condensate electrons, highly informative facilities of human’s organism system condition diagnostics.

                Methodical fundamentals of implementing these technologies into the practice are based on developed system of bio-energetical activity of water and on new technologies of controlling levels of activation of seed material and bio-energentical condition of living environment.

                Authors:  © Anatolii Stekhin, PhD
                                   © Dr. Igor Oberemko