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Business conferences

         Tinowa Group organizes the international conferences on different issues in the Czech Republic. The section of conference contains the attached originals of the reports of our scientists for the various conferences.

At the preparation stage our team of specialists performs the following tasks:

  1. Determination of the participant’s portfolio
  2. Preparation of material.
  3. Preparation of documents for visa for the participants, if necessary.
  4. Execution of invitation letters.
  5. Booking of rooms in the selected hotels in the city of conference
  6. Interpreting services, if necessary.
  7. Determination of the list of coffee-breaks and meals.
  8. Selection of excursion program or other entertainment.
  9. Meeting and seeing-off of the conference participants.
  10. Selection of room and preparation for the conference.
  11. Development and awarding of the certificates of participation, attendance of course of lectures and qualification gained in regard of the topic of the seminar for the participants of the conference.
  12. Video and audio recording for analysis of the results of the conference. We perform the photo and video recording and audio recording, if necessary.

 Tinowa Group organizes and holds conferences on the following issues:

  • International cooperation for implementation of the clients’ projects from different countries with participation of the production and financing structures.
  • Project financing and export crediting of the clients’ projects from the non-EU countries.
  • Water biophysics: health of the mankind and protection of biota of the Earth under conditions of the developing anthropogenic load. From science to practice.
  • Innovative projects of alternative power industry. Practical application.
  • Modern methods of wastes recycling of different class and organization of their financing. Practice of industrial ecology.

    Tinowa Group organizes and holds the scientific and educational expeditions to visit and study the unique underground sources possessing the physical and bioenergetics component. Follow the information of schedule and routes of the expeditions on our site.

    By order Tinowa Group organizes and holds the international conferences or seminars on the topics of interest.


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