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About logging causes degradation of biota
and the pandemic of noncommunicable diseases on the planet

 A.A. Stehin1, G.V. Yakovleva1 I.I. Oberemko2


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            Climate change on the planet are manifested primarily in the growth of the number of weather events in various regions of the world. Hurricanes, floods, on the one hand, drought and fires through long anticyclones, c the other, has become an annual cause of disasters in many countries. Despite evidence of the phenomenon of modern scientific theories of origin, based largely on models of the evolution of atmospheric dynamic centers do not give a satisfactory answer to the nature of their origin. There is no answer to the stability of the temperature conditions of formation of cyclonic activity (27 ° C), the critical temperature of the manifestations of the thunderstorm activity (0,4 ° C – in the tropics, -20 ° C – in the middle latitudes) and atmospheric jet streams (-40 ° FROM).

            On the other hand, there is no satisfactory answer to the phenomena such as the growth of non-infectious diseases of the world population, especially in industrialized countries. For example, according to Chinese experts incidence of type 2 diabetes to date in the country reached 700 million. People that may be regarded as a pandemic. At the same time, attempts to correlate the increase in the incidence exclusively with chemical pollution of cities are not fruitful, since similar adverse processes in the form of loss of biodiversity and productivity of biocenoses observed in general for the whole biota of the planet.

            The output can be one: climate change and the degradation of the planet’s biosphere are interrelated phenomena. Perhaps there is a single factor that affects the biosphere processes and this factor, primarily due to the change of state of water of the biosphere, as noted above the critical temperature is the critical temperature of polymorphic transformations of water, and the man and all living things on the planet, in turn, also largely consists of water.

            Cause – effect relationship of climate change and the deterioration of the biota and the health of the world population can be established on the basis of studying the electrical cooperative processes in the aquatic environment within the scientific approach in terms of quantum physics and biophysics of water. Note, that the liquid-phase state of matter and, in particular, water – refers to a heterogeneous, characterized by domain organization organizing phase that is metastable polymorph. In the water phase is a phase of the associated water ices provided polymorphic VI, VII, VIII (Volrafen pentamers), stabilized nanocavities and electrostatic charges. Electrostatic charges (electrons in the composition of anion radicals) are in quantum of delocalized states and are capable of macroscopic quantum interaction.

            It is through self-organization processes of electrophysical active phase associated water in the nonlocal interaction can be understood physical mechanisms due atmospheric, ionospheric and lithospheric processes. Then the lithosphere becomes active weather-factor and its influence on meteorological processes manifested in the form of a macroscopic battery electrons in anticyclonic weather conditions and an electron donor in the formation of atmospheric dynamic centers.

            The aqueous medium of the organism as a macroscopic quantum system in which every body and every cell are in communication not only with each other but also with the environment.

            It is due to non-local links our health, or vice versa, ill health has a significant dependence not only on what we eat and drink, but also on the electrical state of the environment (the lithosphere). This relationship is shown by the exchange interaction of quantum oscillators, as a result of which the transfer of charge (electrons) and information in the form of self-similar wave packets of electrons. To implement these processes in living organisms all his cellular structures are in electro-physical equilibrium state, that is, contain an excess negative charge, through which the cell initiated by vibrational states, without which life is impossible.

            In this context, the essence of the changes in the interaction of organisms with the environment is a sharp decrease in their ability to accumulate the electrons from the environment due to the reduction of the electron-donating ability (the intensity of the background electronic Bose condensate (EBC)) of the lithosphere as the main source of the electrons. Such a situation is characterized as “an electronic deficit” emerged thanks to the massive use of new electro-technologies affecting the electronic component of the lithosphere of the planet.

            The report presents the results of experimental studies, depending morbidity in 19 regions of the Russian representative on the electrical state of the lithosphere of their territories, defined on the basis of the equilibrium values ​​of the redox potential of natural waters. The validity of the obtained dependence is characterized by the regression coefficient R2 = 0,78. The results of evaluating the effect of electro state of the biosphere on the growth of morbidity of the population have shown that increasing the redox potential of natural waters by 90 mV results in an increase of the primary infectious disease by 20% (relative to the average values ​​for Russia).

Depending on the well-differentiated regions with unfavorable ecological situation caused by the degradation of the natural background EBC. These include the Arkhangelsk region, Yamalo-Nenets, Chukotka, Murmansk, Pskov, Kurgan and Moscow region, including Moscow, have significant human impacts. Regions in the north-west and north-east of Russia under the influence of plants cold-plasma ionospheric sounding (Norway, Alaska), the effect of which leads to a decrease in the background EBC (marked increase in the redox potential of the water to 250-300 mV), which applies to two thousand km from anthropogenic sources of pollution. Tuva, Buryatia and Dagestan are included in the halo of favorable conditions with regard to electro-human habitation regions, which marks the reduced value of the redox potential of water (-50 to 50 mV), and accordingly, there is a lesser degree of anthropogenic influence of the aforementioned sensing systems.

            In the countries of the Eurasian continent electrophysical state of the lithosphere is even more intense, as the redox potential of natural water reservoirs and rivers serving EBC test the background level of the lithosphere, is 300 mV or more.

            Thus, the results indicate non-infectious diseases of the population due to the degradation of the planet’s lithosphere electrophysical state prone to destructive anthropogenic influence. To reduce the anthropogenic impact on the planet’s lithosphere criteria be developed for load capacity and taken measures for state regulation of the planet’s biosphere-threatening technologies, especially those related to cold-active plasma exposures

            To compensate for the negative impact of anthropogenic impact on ecosystems and human proposes a set of measures to reduce human influence on the electrical state of the lithosphere of the planet and compensate the deficit of electrons in the human body, animals and plants on the basis of quantum technologies activation living environment and drinking water. In order to implement these technologies, the report proposes a methodology bioenergetic activation of water and living environment, including the performance and the levels of bio-energetic activity. These technologies can significantly reduce morbidity and improve agricultural productivity.