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Power plant “Energytornado” is an innovative version of wind turbines operating on low-potential wind currents. The principle of design and operation of the power plant “Energytornado” is a “vortex effect”. Power station “Energytornado” allows to generate electricity on air streams moving at a speed of 3-4.5 m / s. Constructive elements of the power plant “Energytornado”: inlet and exhaust device, a vortex generator, guiding devices, a rotor, a stator and a deflector. Segments are presented in Figures 1, 2 and 3.

Features of the power plant “Energotornado” in relation to the traditional wind turbines:
– 1,5-2 times less than the working wind speed and mass-dimensional parameters;
– “rotor-generator” excludes the shaft, there is no system “reference point on the wind”;
– the design assumes a modular performance of identical functional modules (Fig.4.);
– stabilization of the rotor speed is provided by a change in the inlet area of ​​the air intake;
– coefficient of wind energy use ξ≈0.3; high speed Z≈1,5-2,0;

Fig. 1. An experimental sample of a vortex wind turbine

Fig.2. Vortex generator

Fig.4. Scheme of the “Energytornado” power station in modular design




Fig.3. Details of a prototype vortex wind installation
Fig. 2. Variants of mock-up models of a vortex wind power station

The power plant “Energytornado” automatically adjusts to the real wind speed and provides wind power conversion with high efficiency and a wide range of winds (Fig.5.).

Fig.12. The distribution of the speeds of the working segment is from the input to the output from the stator part of the installation (the picture of the current lines at a wind speed of 1 m / s and the speed of the working segment at the inlet to the installation is 0.2 m / s, which corresponds to a flow of 0.023982 kg / from)

The basic requirements for the development of the electric station “Energytornado”.
The creation of a wind turbine on the basis of vortex converters of continuous medium flows is based on the possibility of forming swirling flows formed by curves of the second order in the vertical plane and along the Archimedes spiral in the horizontal plane, similar in their properties and in geometry to the natural tornado, which has a significant margin kinetic energy.
The project of the power plant “Energytornado” should be adapted to the climatic and geographical features of the region and the location of its installation.

Approximate parameters of the prototype:
– installation power ≈0.5-1.0 kW / h;
– overall dimensions: height ≈ 1.5 m,
– diameter ≈2,0 m;
– the range of working winds is 3 – 60 m / s;

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