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Czech Republic is the country in the heart of Europe!

It is a reliable country for profitable investments  into the liquid projects and long-term dividends.

 Reliable partner and project management
an obligatory condition for investments of funds into the viable projects.

              Investments with the management company Tinowa Group, member of the industrialists’ union AMSP ČR of the Czech Republic give you the opportunity to invest profitably and protect your funds reliably into the stable and peaceful country – the Czech Republic and other countries.

      Investments into the projects in the Czech Republic with a stable and high profitability are of the great interest among the investors and the citizens from different countries.

       During the period of non-stability in the world markets, Tinowa Group develops and prepares the projects for investment of funds into the most protective projects independent from the fluctuations of the world conjuncture.

  Production of bioactive drinking water –
Modern medical services–
Healthy foods
– financial fluctuations cannot destroy these projects!

                Today the main currency in the word is a liter of the high quality bioactive drinking water and its assets are growing every year!

 Investing the funds you become the shareholder in the project.

             Investment of funds into the projects of Tinowa Group is protected by the laws of the Czech Republic and guarantees the stable dividends.  

           The laws and support of the state and banks made the Czech Republic the most attractive country.

I. The projects of production of the bottled bioactive drinking water on the base of the laws of quantum biophysics of water.  The production of bottled drinking water is a fast growing segment of the market with the annual 15-20% increase. Investments into the projects of production of bottled bioactive drinking water are supported by the constantly growing prices for the high quality drinking water. According to the data of the UNO the drinking water will become the limited resource by 2025 in many countries. The projects have a high export component in many countries.

II. Projects of medical centers. The growth of various types of diseases, development of the new methods and technologies, low competition, constantly growing demand for medical services are the reliable condition for the profitable investments into the medical projects. These are the resorts of the Western Czechia, where the wonderful climate and abundance of the mineral sources and developed infrastructure contribute to it. The projects with the innovative medical services and the new methods of rehabilitation are of a strong demand among the clients from the different countries.

III. The projects of small-scale and mid-scale power generation. The intensive development of the technological process requires more power. However, together with the classic methods of power generation, the demand for the small-scale and mid-scale power generation is growing due to the use of the wind power and small rivers power. The projects of mini hydro power plant (MHPP) and wind farms (WF) are currently of great demand and they have the significant advantages in comparison with the solar cell panels.
            MFs of the new generation supply power to the residential houses, farms, small manufacturers, etc. reliably. Their service life is 30-40 years and more. The projects of wind farms of the new generation in the Czech Republic are in demand and have a high export component of supplies to many countries.

IV.Projects of container terminal in the Czech Republic and Europe! The Parliament of the European Union issued the law of air policing in the EU countries.
        One of the main contaminators of atmosphere is many heavy-duty motor cars that move along the roads and highways of the country. To reduce the amount of motor cars the scheme of movement of containers was developed. The containers arrive into the port and moved along the electrified railway to the container terminals in the various EU countries. For example, in the Czech Republic the construction of the eight container terminals is determined. Containers come to the terminals by railway. Then the containers are delivered at the short distances by the motor transport to the customers. Currently the design of the container terminals is developed in the Czech Republic. This transport scheme of delivery of the containers will work constantly as it protects the environment and is protected by the EU laws. Such environmental projects are profitable for the investments.
        Companies and especially any person from any country can invest into the projects implemented by Tinowa Group, providing their protection for the future. For this it is necessary to have a desirable sum of money for investment into the project and the wish to get a long-term profit.
            The net rate of return (NRR, Net Rate of Return) for the sums invested into the projects of Tinowa Group in the Czech Republic and other countries is 5 – 25% annually for a term min. 10 years and more depending upon the type of the project.
To express your wish to invest please write to: and leave an application about your intentions, your contacts. Our specialists will contact you and consult you about the available projects for investments.
         We invite the interested companies and individuals to the negotiations of projects in the Czech Republic.
Your investments into the projects are protected reliably by the legislation of the Czech Republic and the liquidity of the projects.

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