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International Journal “Quantum Biophysics”

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Editorial Board

Sopečná 198, 360 07 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Ph. (WhatsApp & Telegram): + 420 77777 4230
E-mail: [email protected]

Chief Editor

Dr. Igor Oberemko


  • Bc. Lev Zadumkin


  • Scientific structures – vacancy
  • Educational structures – vacancy
  • Collaboration with authors – vacancy
  • Proofreading material – vacancy

Preparing for printing

  • Designer – layout – vacancy

Head of editorial

  • Vacancy

Collaboration and advertising

  • Vacancy

For volunteers & students

  • Volunteers, graduate students and university students can take part in the selection of authors and distribution of the journal and the Internet portal; they can print their current scientific articles in the journal.
  • Active students and volunteers can become members of the editorial board or representatives in their own or other countries and regions, and also participate in commercial projects of Tinowa Group company.

Journal web portal

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Vacancies and cooperation
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The international journal “Quantum Biophysics” and the Internet portal of the journal are registered with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic: MK ČR E 23751.
International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2694 – 7595.

The printed version of the journal is published every two months. Circulation 2000 color copies. Distributed to subscribers from different countries.
The print version of the journal is published in English.