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 Methods of preventive medicine using
the modern technologies and components for a long and active life.
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     Our mission is to provide the information of preventive health care and preventive methods.

     Every day new technologies, medicals, etc. appear in the world. However, the main tool for a person is the methods of the preventive protection of the organism.

     The person cannot follow all new methods that appear in the preventive medicine and not everybody can afford a personal doctor.

     The high anthropogenic load in the countries (economic activity of people) and the change of the electrophysical state of the planet led to the low content of electrons in the environment (lithosphere) and in the living organisms (absorbed by the technologies). The resulting situation created the global challenge for the civilization and led to the significant development of non-communicable diseases (NCD): cardiovascular diseases, oncology, chronic respiratory diseases, type II diabetes, etc. The main reason of NCD is the decrease of the electron production by hydration structures of lithosphere colloids (in other words, sediments), caused by the man-caused burden and the availability of the amorphous materials in the living environment of the person. This situation in the world led to the development of a new risk factor for the health and life of a person – electron deficit in the environment, leading to the stresses in the work of the regulatory systems of the organism of a person. This situation was discussed during the conference of the WGO in Geneva in 2016.

     Unfortunately, many doctors who receive payment for a patient from the insurance medicine are not interested, it is easier for them to prescribe the medication that has always side effects.

     Therefore, it is very important to teach from the childhood to the understanding of importance of the preventive methods to yourself.

     It should be understood that the age-related changes of a person begin already in this mother’s womb.

     Organism as well as other mechanisms has its dates for preventive measures and maintenance of activity, health.

     However, a person forgets about it his fussing life and pleasures. The human brain is made in such a way to consider it healthy always until it feels pain somewhere. He does not understand that every second in his organism there is a huge work of the seamless interaction of functioning of all organs as one biomechanism.

     He forgets that at the age of 15 the parents shall perform the maintenance of their teenager.

     By the age of 30 the person needs the prevention of other type.

     After the age of 40 the cyclic character of prevention is increasing.

     And after the age of 55 the annual prevention is required or it is better the six month prevention.

     The preventive methods depend upon the degree of the physical and psychic load. They are applied taking into account the individual properties of the organism, place of residence, climatic changes, type of activity, etc.

     In the modern world there are many factors than impact a person. This is a geomagnetic field of the Earth, solar radiation, phases of the Moon, seasons, etc.

     If a person wants to live long and to be active, he shall perform the regular preventive and protection measures as he does for his car or the plane according to the technical regulation.

     Despite the many methods of the preventive medicine (there are millions of them in the Internet and on YouTube), our specialists developed the preventive methods on the base of the modern scientific achievements and generalization of the practice, they help practically to a person to deal with some diseases and support and prolong his active life.

     The ground for the preventive medicine is the determination of the risk factors of every person and decrease or elimination of these risks in the attempt to prevent the disease. The primary prevention is preventive behavior directed to the prevention of the disease before its development.

     Our methods of the preventive medicine offer you to make one step forward and come from the treatment of disease to the preservation of your health and longevity. We offer you to use some of our preventive methods in the treatment of diseases or preservation of your health.

     Our best medical specialists: neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, urologists, dentists and others will be glad to answer to your questions and give you recommendations.

Your personal medical specialist will provide you the methods you need and consultation!

       If you wish we can organize the diagnostics, treatment and preventive rehabilitation on the resorts of the Western Czechia and in our center “Tinowa” in Karlovy Vary – Czech Republic

      You can become a regular patient of the center and we will help you in any situation to solve any health problems fast and professionally and, what is more important, to prevent such situations.

     Modern communication means (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) allow being in contact with us and getting consultations quickly.

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Methods of change of biological age and active longevity.
             Development of the individual week diet system taking into account the state of your health, weight, age, place of residence and type of activity. Shaping of the figure, weight and skin cover.