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According to the international requirements of personal data protection me/company, give my consent to  Tinowa Group  s.r.o. Sopečná 198, 36007 Karlovy Vary, Czech republic for data processing (including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), extracting, use, transfer (distribution, presentation, access) and also depersonalization, blocking, cancelling and destruction of my personal data (including my surname, name, patronymic, Email address, telephone numbers, postal address, bank details of bank card and password) for my order on and purchase of goods from Tinowa Group s.r.o. represented on the specified site and also sending of the newsletters to me via postal or electronic mail, sms-notification including the use of automation and automated systems of database control, other software applications. Besides, the used methods of processing include also (without limitations) the following: automated verification of the postal codes with the base of codes, automated spelling check of names of streets/settlements, specification of data by means of telephone, postal communications with me or by contact via the Internet, segmentation of data base according to the set criteria.

I am informed that the processing of my personal data is executed by Tinowa Group s.r.o. according to the concluded contracts of purchase via of the eShop, provided the meeting of the requirements of the confidentiality legislation of my personal data and personal data security during processing.

I confirm that giving the present consent I act according to my will and in my interests. The present consent is provided for an indefinite period.

 I am informed that the present consent can be revoked when presenting my application in a simple written form to Tinowa Group s.r.o. at the above mentioned address.

 The order of goods via eShop at the site is the fact of consent for processing and use of my personal data.