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Abram Solomonovich Zalmanov (Dr. A.S. Zalmanof) – 1875 – 1964. Russian and European Doctor of Medicine, naturopath and gerontologist. In the beginning of the XX century he was one of the first doctors who in the period of the development of pharmacology paid attention that the medications often have side effects. Due to this he supposed that the natural substances shall take the main direction of the medicine. He was the founder of the capillary therapy, the “deep” method of impact of capillaries and more accurately – the metabolic processes occurred on the level of the most important part of the blood stream in the organism of a human. Zalmanov was a father of creation of the Institute of Physiotherapy and Resort in the USSR. He is the author of some methods of treatment and prevention of diseases using the natural materials: turpentine baths, hyperthermic baths, etc.
He is one of the first scientists who understood the importance of the role of water in the work of organs of a human.

Igor Oberemko (Igor Oberemko) (1948) Soviet mining engineer – hydrogeologist. He graduated from the Kazakh Polytechnical Institute. International expert of problems of industrial ecology, hydrogeology, technologies of geoecology of water and project management.
Author of works of use of the ground waters of cretaceous horizons for agriculture and water supply.
Developer of the new principles of local water supply for the end user, production of bioactive bottled drinking water using the innovative technologies, production of quantum bioactive suspension for protection of the living organisms from non-communicable diseases, etc.
He graduated from the Kazakh State University, Law Department. Lawyer.
He graduated from the Higher Banking School in Austria. Practitioner in the field of the project financing and international crediting of innovative projects. Founder of the Peter the Great International Fund (Czech Republic).
Developer and author of suspension “Tinowa” having the effect of non-locality and providing the inflow of electrons from lithosphere into the organism.


Giuliano Preparata (Giuliano Preparata). (1942 – 2000) Italian Physicist. Preparata dedicated the most part of his scientific activity to the high power generation, making the fundamental contributions into the building of the standard model, the new synthesis of sub-kernel interactions. In particular, he explained the nature of the quantum field of Dirac’s quark, fundamental assumptions for electroweak combination, and he offered the solution of the problem of color conclusion in quantum chromo dynamics (QCD), based upon the analysis of the standard state of QCD that does not cause disturbance. His analysis shows the existence of the uncommon standard state of QCD and makes a new step in our understanding of the interacting quantum fields. Since 1987 he paid his attention to the problems in the field of condensed substance and nuclear physics that he was engaged into using the Quantum Theory. Preparate revealed that the systems of condensed substance at the rather low temperatures and high specific weights will develop the new sequential solutions of the quantum electromechanics. This allowed dealing with the old problems as a liquid water theory and new problems as a cold alloy from the absolute new point of view.
       Author of the book: Realistic quantum physics. This book is a wonderful synthesis, clear and simple introduction into the quantum physics with some Galilean dialogue about the systems of modern physics.


Anatoly Stekhin. (Anatoly Stekhin) (1949) Soviet and Russian chemist. Senior Research Scientist, Candidate of Technical Sciences, researcher of FSBI “Center of Strategical Planning and Control of Medical-Biological Health Risks” of the Ministry of Health of Russia.
The fields of the scientific activity in the recent years: quantum biophysics, non-linear electrodynamics of the associated water phase, physical methods of water treatment, ecological (geoelectronic) safety and problems of quality estimation of drinking water.
      Author of 3 monographies and 17 scientific publications in the scientific.


Galina Yakovleva. (Galina Yakovlev) (1945) Soviet and Russian chemist. She graduated from the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology. Senior Research Scientist, Candidate of Technical Sciences, researcher of FSBI “Center of Strategical Planning and Control of Medical-Biological Health Risks” of the Ministry of Health of Russia.
      The main directions of the scientific activity are related to the research of the non-local dynamics of the physically activated water, development of new technologies of water treatment and prevention of diseases of the population, on the base of use of the physically activated waters.
     Author of more than 150 scientific works, 5 monographies, co-author of the two scientific discoveries in the field of cooperative properties of water.