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Information for customers

Tinowa® Bioactive cosmetic suspension with magnesium and bromide salts combined with balneological peloid.

Local applications to body, masks, baths.

Be sure to read the instruction carefully as it contains important information
on how to apply the cosmetic suspension, which has a vast scope of applications for your body.
If you have any questions, please consult a doctor.

Dear customer, Tinowa® suspension is developed based on laws of chemistry and, what’s critically important, of quantum biophysics, which explains the main role of lithosphere in preventive protection of the body against non-contagious diseases induced by electron deficiency in the body.

Combination of balneological peloid derived from earliest semiterrestrial sedimentary soil and active magnesium salt, makes it possible in the process to create the bioactive suspension, which has not only recovery properties of peloid and magnesium but also non-local connection to lithosphere based on laws of electron superfluidity.

It makes the suspension irreplaceable for preventive protection of the body against technological load and impact of climate changes under physical and psychoemotional stress.

When you read about preventive options of Tinowa® suspension for your health, you will face laws of new science – Quantum Biophysics of Water, which is currently developing and providing new methods of disease prevention and treatment, prolongation of life.

So, we apologize in advance that some definitions will cause your astonishment or misunderstanding. 

Anyway, a number of scientific monographs have been already done and a full evidence-based analysis has been prepared.

Tinowa® suspension improves skin cover, preserves your capillary net, ensures nourishing of nerve centers, regenerates joints, relieve stresses in muscles and, most crucially, restores and maintains bioenergy potential of the body, and so increases your consciousness.

Suspension Tinowa

For better vascular and cardiac function 
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Suspension Tinowa

For protection of nervous system and retardation of aging
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Suspension Tinowa

For better performance and muscle/joint pain control
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Suspension Tinowa

For improving blood flow, keeping skin elastic and beautiful
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Suspension Tinowa
Suspension Tinowa

For coping with loads on joints of hands and legs, muscles for musicians, dancers, sportsmen etc
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Suspension Tinowa

For increased endurance and energy of actors, sportsmen, military officers etc
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Suspension Tinowa

For coping with stress load of drivers, artists, politicians, teachers, students, etc
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Suspension Tinowa

For domestic harmony, splendid spirit, and anti-depression
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Read materials on our website and you will discover the path to long active life and protection against many modern problems – non-contagious diseases.

Who is a user of the suspension:

Effects of baths with Tinowa® suspension on the body:

  • regenerative effect on skin cover and its nourishing with micronutrients;
  • when crossing skin and reaching internal organs, biological agents have positive effect on cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • elimination of toxins and waste;
  • stabilizes arterial pressure;
  • relaxes muscles and improves blood flow,
  • kills the pain and restores functions of joints;
  • relieves psychoemotional load and protects against stress;
  • anti-depression, good mood and activity.

Local applications of Tinowa® suspension to parts of the body:

  • when applying to hands or legs, Tinowa® suspension  mitigates weariness of fingers, activates functions of phalanges and joints, relieves pain, protects against development of degenerative joint disease, enhances mobility;
  • when applying to muscles of back, legs, hands, Tinowa® suspension relieves stresses, relaxes them, mitigates traumatic effect and pain, improves blood flow, restores their elasticity.
  • when applying to collar zone, back, and lumbosacral zone, Tinowa® suspension:
    improves blood circulation and mitigates venous congestion;
    nourishes the body with minerals and ventilates it;
    activates application places and the whole body by means of electron transfer;
    toxins and waste are eliminated;
    metabolism is promoted;
    inflammation is resolved;
    Tinowa® suspension has preventive effect against degenerative changes and development of osteochondrosis;
    recovery of osteocartilaginous tissues.

Masks with Tinowa® suspension for face and body:

  • have therapeutic anti-inflammatory and purifying effect on skin;
  • are rejuvenators for at-home use;
  • improve blood circulation in skin;
  • enhance metabolism in cells of skin cover;
  • promote natural skin renewal;
  • reduce inflammation and abirritate;
  • slow aging of face skin and body skin cover;
  • application of Tinowa® suspension to problem zones of the body improves blood flow and ventilation, activates all metabolic processes, has heating effect, – all this results in fat splitting and weight loss.

The Tinowa® suspension for masks may be combined with various natural oils, honey, etc.

The Tinowa® suspension is indispensable helper and protector for people, who are engaged in active working on computers and in IT-spheres, playing instruments (pianists, violinists, guitarists, saxophonists, etc.), professional driving, long sitting, working with hands (massage therapists, craftsmen, designers, accountants, lawyers, etc.), doing sports and dancing (ballet-dancers, tennis player, bike riders, skiers, runners, jumpers, wrestlers, etc.) and for other professions.

Application of Tinowa® suspension to hands, arms is beneficial to skin, strengthens nails, gives energy to phalanges, and facilitates giving and receiving of life energy (transmission, generation, and absorption). Moreover, such procedure opens energoinformational channels.

Presence of bromides in Tinowa® suspension destresses people, who are engaged in intensive PR-activity. Non-local connection with lithosphere provides cells of the body with energy, when applying the suspension.

Group: cosmetic product.

Brand name of the cosmetic suspension – Tinowa®   

Basic formulation of the suspension – Natural magnesium salt and bromides (50%) and suspension of balneological peloid (50%).  Labeling of ingredients: PEAT, MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE.

In the form of Tinowa® cosmetic suspension for baths and local applications you will get and use a unique gift of nature – living magnesium salt with bromides in combination with peat peloid as a result of quantum structuring of the suspension liquid phase.

Not least important element in formation of Tinowa® cosmetic suspension is nature magnesium salt (MgCl2•6H2O) with high magnesium content, which plays important role in the human body.

The second essential element of Tinowa® suspension is sedimentary ripe peaty mud collected near Lohne (Germany), from which balneological peloid is extracted.

Balneological peloid contains micronutrients and minerals, natural phytostimulants (microbial inoculants) and bioactivators related to algae metabolites occurred in peaty mud.

Combination of natural organic elements and natural mineral magnesium salt makes it possible to use Tinowa® cosmetic product as a unique cosmetic skin-care and acne-treatment composition.

High magnesium content of the suspension plays a crucial role for various processes of functioning of the body systems.

Combination of natural organic elements and natural mineral magnesium salt makes it possible to use Tinowa® suspension as a unique cosmetic product for skin, joints, muscles, body and for wellness in whole.

Assessment of  safety Tinowa® cosmetic suspension for human health:

Bureau Veritas chemical and microbiological laboratory CAI accredited, registration No.: 1082, certificate of analysis No. 767/12 dated March 27, 2012, report No. 1603121 dated May 25, 2012. TINOWA cosmetic suspension is safe for human health, when use as intended». KOPR registration No. – TI236ATR.

Tinowa® suspension is registered in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Registration in the Eurasian Economic Union:  registration No. of EAEC declaration of conformity RU Д-CZ.АГ81.В.09344, valid through August 31, 2022. Declaration is registered to a Russian company OOO Tinowa RU (Sochi) and OOO Human Life and Environment Safety Research Institute (Moscow).

Lithosphere electrons for human health protection

Dear user, you should realize that electrons on the face of the earth are extracted from ancient sedimentary rock, which include balneological peloid of peaty mud and which are unfortunately beginning to tail off.

Disruption of natural energetic chain: inflow of electrons from lithosphere ® Volrafen pentamers ® cell mitochondria (main source of energy) – conversion of electromagnetic energy into a chemical reaction etc., results in disorders of the body.

Poor flow of electrons to the human body, typical for modern technogenic life of people living in large cities, in modern houses built of concrete and artificial materials, results in electron-related diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases (e.g., stroke and infarction), oncology, chronic respiratory diseases (e.g., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma), and diabetes).

Non-local effects of quantum biophysics enable peloid of the suspension to connect to lithosphere and to nourish the body with electrons.

Tinowa® suspension based on electron-donor strength of balneological peloid being in non-local quantum-correlated interaction with polyheterofunctional natural compounds of semiterrestrial sedimentary soil of marshy soil with high potency of anaerobic microflora, has an effect on metabolic revitalization of cell structure of the body.

These compounds form electron charge-transfer complexes, create electrically uncompensated environment that ensures quantum translation of electrons from marshy soil of lithosphere to the human body in the process of its interaction with the suspension.

Biospheric role of process of nonlinear transformation of scattered energy is enormous. Regulating role of superfluid state of electrons in biosphere of the Earth manifests as non-local in time and space changes of geosphere and living organisms, when bifurcation transitions (qualitative rearrangement of the system with development of a new regime of its behavior) expand in time and become smooth in distributed states of electron wavepackets. One of the main reasons of electron movement is properties of non-locality of many geospheric processes.

Compliance with instruction of Tinowa® suspension, which has unique formula of balneological peloid and magnesium salt (bischofite) ensures combined immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, aerating, hydrating and sensitizing effect on blood, lymph and tissues of the body.

Given the fact that magnesium is being curtailed in plant foods, intermittent usage of Tinowa® suspension will promote maintenance of magnesium (Mg) and energy in the body by natural way, protection and promotion of health, releasing your gastro-intestinal tract from load of medicines.  

Balneological peloid, derived from sedimentary peaty mud, contains strong antioxidants, including biologically active unstable oxygen compounds, which are donators of electrons – reducers of state of associated water in structures of cell membranes. Physiologically active compounds, being a part of peloid, and unstable anion radical oxygen compounds, which are catalyzates, ensure revitalization of cell metabolizm through activating of  energy-supplying function of cell mitochondria and reinforcement of immune system of the body  – its regulatory functions and protection against free radicals, which are one of the main reason of aging.

Bischofite contains a substantial amount of magnesium salts, bromides and microelements.

Magnesium, contained in bischofite, promotes protective and regenerating processes in skin and adjacent tissues.

Magnesium salts have anti-inflammatory effect through activation of cell immunity, alleviate vasospasms in arterial hypertension and cardiac pain, bronchial spasms in asthma, enterospasms, etc.

Combination of bischofite and balneological peloid in Tinowa® suspension promotes production of collagen, which promotes anti-aging regeneration of cells and slows aging.

Enhancement of hydration of skin cells ensures additional tight effect that makes skin look healthy, smooth, and tighten.

Presence of bromides in a bath promotes relieving of depression and blue mood, ensures deep healthy sleep, gives good mood and energy of life at wake-up.

Baths with Tinowa® suspension is effective for regeneration of affective skin and ensures marked improvement in functioning of capillary system of skin.

Tinowa® suspension is effective in combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug in musculoskeletal diseases.

Synergy of bischofite and balneological peloid ensures enhancement of functioning of musculosceletal system, control of pain in joints, recovering from consequences of broken limbs and spinal column, strained ligaments and muscles.

From ancient times people have used peloid in various diseases related to disorders of osteogenesis regulation, functions of cell membranes, vascular permeability and elasticity.  It is conditioned upon electron-donor strength of peloid of the suspension, which has systemic effect on cell metabolism that ensures a wide range of therapeutic and health-promoting effects, including enhancement of functioning of musculosceletal system, control of pain in joints, recovering from consequences of broken limbs and spinal column, strained ligaments and muscles.

Due to high content of biologically active oligoelements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, peloid not only has active influence on cell membranes and promotes their activity, but also ensures high penetration power of these compounds through cutaneous pores.

Suspension TinowaEnergy of lithosphere and effects of quantum non-locality of electron transfer to the body for beauty of skin and health of the body, protection against technological load.

Laws of quantum biophysics acts for preventive protection of the body against climate changes and electron deficiency!

Tinowa® suspension application sites on the human body:

Suspension Tinowa


Plastic bucket – 1 liter of the suspension – 4 plastic buckets holding one liter, in one expedition box.
For bulk and retail customers the suspension is prepacked in buckets with a volume of 3.5 and 5.6 liter, one per expedition box
Prepackaging of Tinowa® suspension in plastic buckets with a volume of 2.5 or 3.0 liter, two per expedition box 
Keep Tinowa® cosmetic suspension in a cool, dark place without temperature fluctuations (8-12°C advisable).
Product may be disposed with domestic household waste.
Do not drain water after bath or suspension after application, but use it to water domestic and garden plants – peloid and magnesium promote plant growth, increase life energy, ensure resistance and make them look aesthetically pleasing.
You will be pleasantly surprised by results just in two weeks.
Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture.

Date on label
Made in EU (CZ – Karlovy Vary).
Manufacturer: Tinowa Group s.r.o.

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Suspension Tinowa
Suspension Tinowa

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