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                       Quantum biophysics of water.

 “Everything in our world – this site, your house
and you– is only a hologram projected from
the edges of the Universe»

Leonard Susskind, Physicist

    The scientific grounding of the efficiency of technology of physical activation of drinking water to increase its bioenergy activity and prevention of the metabolic disorders.

     The present section of the site   “Quantum biophysics of water” is rather strange for the reader, who is psychologically ready to percept the words “cell”, “population” in the context but not the word “water”. And this is the reason of the fundamental contradictions of the modern science named “biophysics”. The contradictions are expressed in the completely opposite understanding of the role of water in the cell metabolic processes, and in general, in its biospheric meaning.

     Classic biophysics makes the biochemical mechanisms of the cell metabolism to the first place. Biophysics, using the quantum concepts of water, accepts the regulatory role of water as the basis of a cell. The similar approach allows viewing the modern problems in a different way, regarding not only the cell metabolism but the state of biosphere also including the heath of a human subjected to the destructive anthropogenic impact.

     What was the reason for such an opposite view to the life of a cell as the basis of the living?

     Regarding the problem of “new” we shall mention the notions fundamental for physics that result from the modern provisions of quantum mechanics. The epigraph gives the statement of the famous American scientist Leonard Susskind about quantum mechanics that contains the paradox of quantum logic, on one side, and the extreme importance of its provisions for understanding how the cells of our organism work, on the other side.

     Currently more works dedicated to the quantum approaches to macroscopic quantum systems are published, they include the cell studied by us, the organism of a human and the biosphere. In this regard we shall mention the popular book of the respected expert in the field of quantum physics Vlatko Vedral “Living in a quantum world” that says that the quantum behavior is maintained in the macroscopic scales and these effects  are more wide-spread than one could guess and they can work in the cells of our organism. The notion of the “quantum coherence” is the basis of the macroscopic quantum effects, and according to the opinion of Vlatko Vedral and Set Lloyd it plays the central part not only in the chemistry but in the biological systems as well. T. Kolokolnikov, J.A. Carrillo, A. Bertozzi et al. share these views regarding all levels of organization of the animal kingdom based upon the acceptance of the dominant of non-local interaction in the behavior of the living systems.

     The non-locality is understood as the connection of the space-divided states or processes without the local carriers of interaction. The other interpretation of the term “non-locality” presupposes the availability of the quantum potential responsible for the interaction of the events split in the space and time (the so-called transaction interpretation of quantum mechanics). Such connections are used to be called non-local correlations but not the interaction (in the English-language literature the term ‘transaction” is used most often for such specific interaction).

      So what do we get from quantum mechanics and what living components are used for this non-local interaction?
       We can find the replies to these questions in the new water concepts, that is, evidently, the main living substance.

      The new scientific approach to the physics of water gives the response to these urgent problems, it studies the quantum cooperative processes in the liquid water – quantum physics of water and its particular section – quantum biophysics of water.

     Quantum physics of water studies the critical phenomena determined by the phase transfers into the organizing phase of water and the quantum phenomena related to the macroscopic charge order in the open system. The new understanding of physics of water allows getting the answers to the urgent problems of the modern natural science beginning from  the lowest levels of cooperative behavior of water connected to the formation of the metastable phase of water to the quantum phenomena of non-local transfer of electrons and control of the cell biological processes to the global demonstrations of the water self-organization in the geosphere of the planet in the form of the electrophysical regulator of the weather and climate.

      Basing upon the scientific theses of quantum biophysics of water we shall mention that the liquid-phase state of the substance and, in particular, water is a heterogeneous state of the substance characterized by the domain organization the organizing phase of which is the metastable polymorphous compounds. In water such phase is a phase of associated water represented by the polymorphous ices VI, VII, VIII (Volfaren pentamers), stabilized by nanoscale hollowness and electrostatic charges.

       The electrostatic charges are in the quantum delocalized state and are able for macroscopic quantum interaction. Organism is also a macroscopic quantum system, each organ and every cell of which are interacting with each other and with the environment as well. It is due to the non-local connections out health or illness depends significantly not only upon what we eat and drink but also upon the electrophysical state of the environment. This connection is shown by the exchange interaction of the quantum oscillators as a result of which the charge (electrons) and the information are transferred in the form of the self-similar wave packages of electrons.For implementation of these processes in the living organisms all its cell structure are in the electrophysically disequilibrium state, that means they contain the excessive negative charge in the delocalized state in the phases of associated water (this charge should not be confused with a Coulomb charge of normal electrons).

      So what is understood in the quantum biophysics under the basic scientific definition of “bioactive water”: bioactive water is the electrically disequilibrium water with unstable anion-radical forms of active oxygen as electron carriers, decomposition of which provides the inflow of the excess electrons on the cell receptors of the living organism and maintenance of the electric disequilibrium in the cells and organic structures necessary for the sustainable functioning of their macroscopic quantum oscillators controlling the cell processes.

       This basic notion serves the methodological base of understanding of the primary reasons of disorders in the cell metabolism and sources of the metabolic diseases of a human and the technologies of the biological activation of water, activation of the life energy of the living creatures and a human, formation of electrophysically favorable environment of a human, animals and plants, prevention and treatment of the metabolically determined diseases. They are based upon the natural processes of formation of the electrophysically active states of water that do not lead to the metabolic disorders and do not exceed the needs of electric charge required by the organism.

      The obtained regularities and experimental check of action of the electrically disequilibrium states of water on the biological systems allowed grounding the main regulatory values of bioenergy activity of the drinking waters.

       Basing upon the comparative analysis of action of the physically activated water on the living organisms, the water paradigm of etiology of metabolic diseases and their prevention was offered taking into account the clinical investigations of these waters as exemplified by the etiology of the type 2 diabetes. It is shown that the mechanism of misadaptation of glucose transporters working as oscillators and as a result of which they change their conformation significantly, is related to the electrophysical processes in a cell. It was revealed that the critical conditions for the efficient operation of glucose transporters such as viscosity, electrochemical gradient, oscillation of conformation activity of peptides, etc. are directly related to the associated state of water in the cells. They also determine oscillatively the conformation activity of ferments and this determines the efficiency of the processes of phosphorylation–de phosphorylation that depends upon the work of energy depo cells – mitochondria.

      In general, regarding the pathogenesis of the leading metabolic diseases, electron deficit in the environment provokes the stress of the electron-acceptor functions of the organism and the development of the pathogenic states of the cardio-vascular system, psychosomatic sphere, it causes the disorder of the cell metabolism and organ dysfunction, their hypotrothy and atrophy. These negative phenomena are connected to the degradation of the associated water phase influencing the stability of the protein structure, the functional characteristics of biological membranes, intensity of metabolic processes at the cell level.

       Currently the normative indicators of the bioenergy activity of the drinking water are determined and grounded. It is shown that the biologically compatible level of hydrogen peroxide in the intercellular and intracellular space is max. 40 μg/l, the cells are proliferated steadily and the level of their apoptosis does not exceed the accepted values

       Considering the impact of the main indicator characterizing the antioxidant activity and control of the cell regulatory mechanisms, oxidation-reduction potential of the drinking water shall be distinguished as a threshold (criterial) level Еh=150mV. When the values of the oxidation-reduction potential exceed 150mV the asymmetry of distribution of the genetic material is increased sharply that shows the significant increase of a share of the damaged cells. The value Еh=150mV determined the level of safe redox states of the drinking water. At Eh<150mV up to the values of Eh~-50…-150mV the drinking water is not only safe but provides also the high degree of the antioxidant protection of the organism. At the same time the values of oxidation-reduction potential of water cannot serve the only criterion of estimation of its bioenergy activity as its changes can be related to the presence of biologically inert non-ionic compounds in water, for example, molecular hydrogen.

      In this regard the specified parameters of the bioenergy activity of drinking water can include:
Biocatalytic activity is the degree of the electron disequilibrium of water responsible for the intensity of the oscillating processes in water, the work of “cell pumps” and proliferating activity of cells.
Oxidation-reduction potential is the stability of the system of antioxidant protection of cells, degree of free-radical load on cell structures, it participates in the start of the program of cell apoptosis.
Thermodynamic indicator (dynamic viscosity) is rheological behavior of the liquid in organism, inflow of hydration energy of the protein structures of cells and their conformation activity.
A share of associated water phase is a degree of protein dehydration, efficiency of electron transfer and transport of the intracell metabolites.
Energy distribution of the structured phase is the directionality of the regulatory action to the work of the cell structures.

       Basing upon the biological effects it is offered to differentiate the drinking waters according to 4 levels of their dependence upon the degree of their impact on the cell metabolism. Water with the high (more than 230mV) value of oxidation-reduction potential and low concentration of peroxide anion radicals that corresponds to its destructured state, and does not provide the sufficient level of  the proliferate activity.

       When using it for drinking the metabolic disorders determined by the failures of work of the regulatory mechanisms are developed in the modern conditions of the electron deficit in the environment. In the range of values of indicators corresponding to the average activity of water (the second level) the stresses in the regulatory systems arise that lead to the decrease of the adaptation reserves. At the high activity (the third level) (concentration of НО2-(*) in the range of values from 1 to 40 μg/l, oxidation-reduction potential – 150–-50 mV) provides the stability of the systems operation of enzyme catalysis, optimal level of proliferative activity and antioxidant cell protection. At the extreme activity (the fourth level) the restoration of the normal metabolism of functionally suppressed cells, accelerated cell proliferation, blocking of the free radical activity and start of apoptosis of the damaged and functionally changed cells.  

       During researches of the structural and energy properties of the protium water it was revealed that the drinking water containing 132-134 μg/l of deuterium possesses the increased biocatalytic activity that allows recommending it to the constant consumption. As a result of the present researches the protium waters with concentration of 60-90 μg/l of deuterium can be used if taken by courses for treatment and prevention.

       The water treated in the special conditions has a high biocatalytic activity that in comparison with the most physically activized water remains stable for a long period of time. The mechanism of the water state change in the special conditions is related to the conversion of ortho-water into para–water at the critical temperatures and availability of the dissolved paramagnetic  oxygen, forming the mixed quantum state necessary for the acceleration of conversion and formation of the catalytically active oxygen dimers. The substitution of ortho-water with associates of para-water in membranes of the cell structures allow realizing  conditions for slowing of the cell cycle and prolongation of life of the highly organized organisms twice or more times.