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Terms and interpretations on physiology,
quantum biophysics and wave therapy.

Peloid Peloid is obtained as a result of extraction of the ancient peaty mud and its purification from the modern organic sediments. The pure peloid has a pasty elastic consistence, dark brown colour; water content is 75-85%. The exact composition of peloid in the suspension “Tinowa” is shown in the user guide. It has a non-local effect. When peloid contacts the living organism it enriches the body with electrons due to the arisen connection with the lithosphere.
Bishofite Bischofite is a magnesium–containing salt extracted by the method of desalination and evaporation from the underground deposits. The performed researches distinguished the properties of bischofite that can decrease the properties of inflammation mediators such as histamine and serotonin, establish the stimulating effect on different phases of phagocytosis, suppress the growth of the potentially pathogenic fungi and pathogenic microorganisms. Bischofite makes a wide range of preventive impact on the organism: cardio-vascular system, musculoskeletal system, skin cover, psychosomatics, etc.
Water Water is associated liquid, powerful energy carrier on our planet and has the properties of capillarity. Water has the structural memory and non-linear effects. According to the UNO water is a limited resource and by the middle of the XXI century only 3-4 countries of the world will not suffer from the acute lack of the fresh water.
Humoral pathology Quantitative and qualitative compositional disorders of liquids in organism.
Disease Disorders of physiological phenomena.
Beginning of disease Insignificant and non-sensitive deviations from the physiological processes that lead to the pain or other nuisances as a result.
Capillary bleeding The importance of the capillary bleeding is evident. Taking into account the amount of nutritious liquid necessary for the tissue preservation in the culture Alexis Carrel (Nobel laureate in Physiology and Medicine, 1912) calculated that the demand of blood and lymph of the human organism was 200.000 liters per day.
Micelles in cytoplasm The mass of colloid substances in the cytoplasm of a human body is 5 kg in the dry state. As the average dimensions of micelles in the cytoplasm are approximately 5 nanometers, the surface represented by micelles of the whole body is certainly min. 2.000.000 m2, i.e. 200 hectares. (D’HISTOLOGIE PHYSIOLOGIQUE. POLICARD A. 1944). 100.000 km of capillaries per 200 hectares of living surface.
Vital energy Restoring the free supply of oxygen, cleaning the blocked flows of liquids the climate is created in the organism where the released vital energy will turn into a thought, into creativity.
Energy balance The living standard of a human organism is proportional to the volume of energy. If the organism overcomes all attacks to it the health of a person is rather secured. If the energy balance is below the average, the organism cannot resist to the painful aggression and will sicken definitely. Ignorance of this simple but main physiological truth that the old clinic predicted left the modern medicine without the directing ideas general for the whole pathology.
Initial problems of old age First, the old age means the growing fatigability. Calcium in combination with phosphates and carbonates migrates from bones, from organs, where it is useful into organs where it makes harm, the result of which is senile osteomalacia, senile osteoporosis, hyperostosis, torsion rheumatism, brittleness of bones, senile fractures that do not fuse. The degree of reproduction of cells is a true criterion of the degree of aging. An old man shall have rest before he is tired and not when he is tired. It is necessary to use the capillary therapy systematically and the light reasonable gerontotherapy. The use of the capillary therapy is determined by the fact that with age a common diameter of the person’s capillaries is decreasing. The bleeding rate is an important element of metabolic control between blood and tissues. The increase of the blood pressure is caused by the increased activity of adrenal glands (rarely) or the significant common decrease of the capillary network (in most cases). The decrease of the capillary bleeding of brain causes the circulatory disturbance and supply of the nerve centers (hypothalamus, sleep centers, speech centers, higher brain centers).
Non-locality The non-locality is understood as a connection of the space and divided state or processes without the local carriers of interaction. The other interpretation of the term “non-locality” presupposes the availability of the quantum potential responsible for the interaction of the events divided in the space and time (so called transaction interpretation of quantum mechanics). In quantum mechanics such non-local correlates are used to be called non-local but not the interaction.
Quantum water biophysics It is a section of quantum physics that is applied to the living organisms. Quantum water biophysics studies the critical phenomena stipulated by the phase transitions in the organized water phase and quantum phenomena related to the macroscopic charge order in the open system. The new understanding of water biophysics gives an answers to the urgent problems of the modern natural science beginning from the lowest levels of the cooperative behavior of water connected to the formation of the metastable water phase to the quantum phenomena of the non-local transfer of electrons and management of the cell biological processes to the global demonstrations of water self-regulation in the geosphere of the planet in the form of the electrophysical regulator of the weather and climate.
Bioactive water It is electrical disequilibrium water with unstable radical anion forms of active oxygen as electron carriers, the disintegration of which provides the inflow of the excess electrons to the cell receptors of the living organism and maintenance of the electrical disequilibrium required for the sustainable functioning of their macroscopic quantum oscillators controlling the cell processes.
Liquid structure The liquid is formed due to the interaction between the molecules, such forces are hydrogen bonds. The phase of associated water is a macrostructural molecular formation where the water molecules are connected to each other by the hydrogen and covalent bonds. This macrostructure is referred to the cooperatively organized bonds for which the fall-out of one molecule from its composition is not accompanied by the disintegration of the whole structure. The structural organization of the macro formations is maintained due to the rest hydrogen bonds.