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Millions of people to can live without cars, electricity, diamonds, oil,
gold etc., and even love, but no one and never without water.
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Drinking bottled water exchange “Tinowa Water”

According to the UNO the problem of the quality drinking bottled water is growing intensively and by 2025 its market will have the limited purchasing capacities. Water is connected to the whole world and it is a prerequisite of the existence of a human and sustainability of the planet.

           In our opinion the problems of the mankind, in general, and our personified psychic and physical diseases are connected in its main principle to the change of the water quality. Formally, we can refer to the pallid statistics confirming (according to the data of the World Health Organization) that the most part of the population of the planet suffers from metabolic disorders to a greater or lesser degree that lead to the non-infectious diseases. In this statistics a share of low-quality drinking water is more than 70%.

         At the same time we shall mention that the main growth of the non-infectious morbidity occurs in the industrially developed countries where much attention is paid to the problems of water treatment during which the water is purified from the chemical impurities and microorganisms. At the same time the water is “killed” by the ultraviolet, “violated” with ozone and other methods of physical impact on water are used, that means its vivifying essence is brought to the state of the pure solvent.

            Such attitude to water is based upon the scientific approach formed in the XXI century to the water as a structureless medium that does not possess the biologically important functions excluding the function of water as a solvent of chemical compounds. That is the tragedy of situation not only for the health of people but also for the state of biosphere of the planet subjected to degradation as a result of the distribution of technologies making a negative impact on its electrophysical state. Speaking frankly, we entered the stage of decline of the mankind and biosphere. And to change the situation we need a new paradigm of attitude to the main source of life – to water.

           There is no ordinary water in the world. It is always extraordinary. Even according to its isotopic composition water in the nature is always different. Its composition depends upon the history of water, upon what happened to it in the continuous variety of its circulation in the nature. Evaporating the water is enriched with protium and the rain water is different from the lake water. The river water is different from the sea water. In the closed lakes the water contains more deuterium than water from the mountain springs. Every spring has its own water composition. When water is frozen in the lake nobody of those who skates, can suspect that the isotopic composition of ice has changed: the content of the heavy hydrogen (deuterium) decreased but the content of the heavy oxygen increased. The water from the melting ice is different from the water from which the ice was obtained. It means the extraordinary character of water is that it contains the isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in different proportions.

        Our company is a founder of the “Drinking water exchange” and it plans to develop the exchange market of the bioactive water sale. Currently the organizational and legal works are executed in this direction. We will be glad to receive your offers regarding this topic to project@bioactivwater.com

Auther: Dr. Igor Oberemko 


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