Water and electrons 2018-09-08T15:06:43+03:00

In recent decades, mankind has faced new threats to their sustainable development – is climate change and pandemic of metabolic diseases in which basis is a common cause. This reason is the “electron deficiency” in the geosphere planet, whose origin is linked to the development of new quantum technologies in different spheres of production and life, as well as increasing the classic anthropogenic impact.

Water as the main source of life in the changing geophysical conditions, is the mediator between the human body and the environment associated with the transformation of the Earth electronic components, having the properties of non-locality and superfluidity. However, for the implementation of these energy metabolism quantum processes requires certain conditions that are universally destroyed by modern water treatment technologies and the urban environment. In addition, she is unable to provide the geosphere already bioenergy activity in the water needed to sustain metabolic processes. As a result, we are witnessing increasing rates of metabolic etiology, as well as curative medicine itself, based on the medicinal treatments, demonstrates inability to cope with metabolic pandemic.

The main reason for this one – the biological inertness of drinking water. Water that does not have an electron-donating properties, generates a range of metabolic disorders. These include violation of the energy function of mitochondria of cells and the accumulation of products of incomplete oxidation, the emergence of imbalances hormonal regulators, reducing transport function of organelles of cells, reducing cell adaptation reserves (cellular immunity) and other systemic changes in the functioning of cells.

This water cannot drink!